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Bumper Sticker Devo

       With summer camp in full swing, I have not been at the computer lately, hence, no blog for the past few weeks. I am grateful for my time at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, a camp our church operates for four weeks each summer. I am serving as one of the directors this summer. One of my jobs has developed into the “errand runner.” Now, running errands is not the best job in the world, but it’s not on the same level as scrubbing the toilets and does involve an air conditioner, so I feel quite blessed to make the trip to Wal-Mart a couple of times a day.

On a recent trip to Wal-Mart, I experienced first-hand how little things can make or break the adventure of errand running. The other day I got behind a beat-up, red truck with a faded-out and slightly tattered bumper sticker staring at me. I was trying to read over the list given to me (safely, of course), when my eye caught these fabulous words, “Jesus Is the Answer.” Four simple words and I suddenly felt like the world was right on track after all. “Yes,” I thought. “Jesus is the answer. Thank you, red truck, for reminding me of that.” It was a mini-devotional, of sorts. I thought it was pretty cool that someone I don’t even know could have an effect on my total sense of well being and encourage me in my faith in that way.

      I bounced into Wal-Mart, smiled as I checked out and happily loaded my car with much needed camp supplies. Our roads are under construction, but since my little devotional thought, that didn’t even bother me. I patiently waited for my turn to get back into the traffic. I was on to Hobby Lobby. My errands weren’t over and it was 102 degrees outside, but I still felt good. Another beat-up truck pulled out in front of me. This part isn’t surprising since we live in Louisiana and trucks are the vehicle of choice around here. So far, it was the “same song, second verse”—a truck with a bumper sticker. But this time the bumper sticker read, “If men are the jerks of the world, I married the king.” Wow, my perky self suddenly became sad as I thought about the implications of that statement. Does the driver really have a jerky husband? Has the husband ever seen the bumper sticker? Does he need counseling? Does she? Should this bumper sticker meet the other bumper sticker for lunch? All the pleasant thoughts in my mind had been replaced with concern and worry. I wish I had never seen that bumper sticker. I didn’t want to have to think about all those things. After all, I was just running errands, not saving the world!

      For many years now, much has been written and said about the value of putting good things into our brains. In this age of mass-everything, we are bombarded with bad thoughts with as little effort as a click or a glance. Sometimes, in all innocence, we are exposed to things we don’t want to see or hear and then we begin to dwell on those thoughts. This fact makes the words God says even more important. Remember these words, “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” It’s pretty tough, isn’t it? But it’s not impossible. Here are some other really important words, “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle belongs to the Lord.”

      We are in a battle. The fight is on to keep our thoughts and hearts pure, but–here comes the good part– we are not in the battle alone. In fact, this battle is not even ours, as the scripture in 2 Chronicles tells us, it belongs to the Lord. He owns it and is in control of it. The next time I see a bumper sticker or a TV ad or a magazine cover that puts my mind where is doesn’t need to be, I am going to remind myself that God is fighting that battle for me and, guess what, we’ve already won and JESUS IS THE ANSWER.

     Have a great week knowing God is control.

Hugs, Chrys