A Sweet Reward

Okay, I heard the sweetest thing last night. After a very busy “out of town” weekend, I rushed home to attend a church event. I threw some cookies in the oven, unpacked the toiletries, freshened up my makeup, grabbed the warm cookies and flew out the door. My suitcase was still to be unpacked and, since I hadn’t had internet reception, emails were waiting to be answered. But I could get to that later in the night.

I picked up my daughter and her four children and we headed out to enjoy the fellowship of people we love. It was so fun getting to share some car time with my precious grandkids and listen to the things they had done for the weekend. But, that wasn’t the sweetest thing of the night.

As I arrived at the church event, I was greeted by three more of my grandchildren. I had only been gone three days, but you would have thought it was three months. Each one jumped in my arms (even the ten year old—I told my back it was worth it), and gave me the biggest hug. But, that wasn’t the sweetest thing.

Later, after we ate and fellowshipped with our church family, we went down to a campfire area where we sang songs of praise and worshipped under the stars. It was such a blessing to have three generations singing and praying together as we looked up into the clear, starry sky. It was amazing, but that wasn’t the sweetest thing.

As the evening came to an end, the youngest grandchild, Aevin, began asking to spend the night. My brain was saying, “it’s not a good night” but my heart and my mouth said, “Sure.” After all, work can wait, but little children grow up way too fast.

So, home we came and, since Aevin had been outside in the dirt all evening, a bath topped our priority list. I ran some water as he scrambled out of his clothes and encouraged me to make it warm. There’s nothing like a warm bath on a chilly night, even for us moms, right? Rare, but nothing like it!

As Aevin played with the bath toys and chattered about the things we did at the fellowship that night, I listened with one ear and unpacked my suitcase. Then he said, “I made up a song last night for daddy.” Of course, that got my attention. “Well, then, sing it for me,” I said. “You know that song, we sing about God? I changed the words,” he said. I was intrigued and then came the sweetest thing.

“Oh, Dad, you are my dad and I will ever love you. Oh, Dad, you are my dad and I will ever love you, “Aevin belted out with a twinkle in his eye. How precious is that?

My son is a single dad who works hard every day to make his home one that is God-honoring and secure for his children. His journey has been a difficult one and I have certainly helped him, but I have not taken the job of raising his children away from him. He has risen to the challenge and I think this song of praise from a child to his earthly daddy is proof that he has been successful.

Many of you are living through difficult times, perhaps you’re a single mom. Psalms 3:5 says “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.” Many nights you may go to bed thinking you cannot handle another day, but you do because you know that God will sustain you. He will wrap you tightly in his arms just as a loving earthly father does and when you wake up, you will be renewed and armed to face a new day. Your rewards may not be monumental in worldly terms, but a song, a touch, or a smile from a child who loves you will tell you that you matter and make a difference!

Have a blessed week resting in your Father’s mercy and grace.

Hugs, Chrys

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  1. Ryan is an awesome daddy! I am so proud of him and the incredible amount of time and energy and genuine love and affection that he places into his job as Dad. He is an example to all dads, not just single ones. And this tribute from Aevin is proof of that!

  2. How precious, Chrys! That speaks volumes to the kind of Dad that Ryan is! What a blessing!

  3. What a pure and honest tribute to his Dad. Congratulations on the job you have done, Ry! I know how hard your job is, but you have faced the challenges and earned the love and respect of your children. Nothing is better than that!

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