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While we can read books and learn from our mothers, a new baby is like a new set of playing cards-slippery, hard o manage and can quickly get out of order. But, we soon learn how to do life with a baby. Then a toddler. Then a kid. Then a teen. Mother’s Day is to say thank you or sleeping in a twin bed next to a sick toddler and for giving up your plans because your child forgot to tell you that you’re the mom in charge of cookies for the next day at school and for volunteering to coach, cheer, chaperone, and chauffer to countless events. There have been calculation on the amount of money a Mom should make, but everyone knows it’s a labor of love, as my mom always says. Moms, keep up the great work. Know your kids will grow up to reflect what you instill in them. They won’t be perfect, but neither are we. We’re all just moms doing the best we can do and at the end of the day, we happily let God help us out a lot! Happy Mother’s Day!