Basketball and More

Welcome to July 11! It’s flying by way too quickly.

I spent last week with 17 girls at basketball camp. I lived in the college dorm just like the girls did. It’s not so bad–really. But, then again, I went on wilderness trek–twice–so I always compare things to that journey. Briefly, that’s a week climbing a huge mountain in Colorado with a huge backpack and very little food—with a group of teenagers. So anything short of a tent and hours of pouring rain and a slippery climb to a summit is good.


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Summer Fun!

Wow! I’m seriously WAY behind on blogging and am determined to correct that!

In the last several months, our family has had crazy things happening partially due to the success of Duck Dynasty but we seem to have a crazy life anyway.

 In case you don’t know, our oldest daughter Korie is one of the stars of DD. We are sooooo grateful that God has opened this door for the Robertson family and pray daily that

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Homework Coach

By now, everyone is heavily involved in school, which means homework, homework, homework! I just want to remind all you great moms out there that you have already been to school. It’s your child’s turn! Read more…


Soup and Sound Advice

Don’t do it! Don’t let the marketing geniuses who make the decisions to put spooky ghosts on the same shelf as jolly Santas trick you into thinking you have to rush around to get it all done TODAY! Read more…


Goal Setting 101

Okay–I’m a goal setting person. I really do believe some people are–just as the song says–born this way. I make lists on a daily basis, so it would stand to reason I would be one to set new goals at the first of the year. But–in my more mature years, I have learned a few things about setting goals. Read more…

A New Beginning

Hey moms! I know–it’s been a while since my last blog, but–honestly—life just got too crazy. Are you with me??? I love this pic of my youngest grandson’s team. I think it’s how we all feel! Totally bonkers on some days!!!
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