Goal Setting 101

Okay–I’m a goal setting person. I really do believe some people are–just as the song says–born this way. I make lists on a daily basis, so it would stand to reason I would be one to set new goals at the first of the year. But–in my more mature years, I have learned a few things about setting goals.

First, I’ve learned that goal setting isn’t for everyone. Just as I seem to have been born to set goals, others are more “fly by the seat of their pants” kind of folks. And that’s okay. Some of my dearest family members are this way and manage life beautifully. Secondly, I’ve learned that any goal that leaves God out of the equation isn’t worth having in the first place. You might be thinking your goal to stop biting your fingernails or to lose weight isn’t really about God, but experts say for a goal to really be effective one must seek the deeper value in it. So including God in your goal setting automatically gives the goal deeper meaning. Think about it. Even your goal to stop biting your fingernails–if your deeper meaning included that you want to represent God in every way, right down to your fingernails, you are more likely to follow through with accomplishing the outcome you desire. The same with weight loss–your desire to lose weight might include your desire to be around longer for your children, to be the mom God desires you to be in every way. In this way, you are giving yourself deeper reasons to meet your goal weight.

You might be afraid to set new goals this year, having failed to accomplish them in the past, but don’t ever be afraid to begin again. God is all about new beginnings. That’s what a new year is for! Put all those old fears aside, decide where you want to be in January 2013, and ask God to help you get there. Here’s a great passage that will encourage you: Psalm 34:4-5
New International Version (NIV)

4 I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
5 Those who look to him are radiant;
their faces are never covered with shame.

Never be ashamed to look at God and smile. He is NEVER EVER ashamed of you when you do! The action of looking toward Him gives you a radiance that will light your way when your path may seem dark.

Have a great day and Happy New Year!

Hugs, Chrys

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