Homework Coach

By now, everyone is heavily involved in school, which means homework, homework, homework! I just want to remind all you great moms out there that you have already been to school. It’s your child’s turn!

Use the coaching principle when thinking about helping your children with homework. Coaches work from the sidelines, they don’t, in fact they can’t, get on the field. Resist the urge to get comfy and sit beside your child when they ask you a homework question. Stay in an uncomfortable position, like standing, so you won’t be tempted to do more than is required. Answer your child’s question, if you can, then assure them they are on the right path and can do it themselves. If they argue with you or say it’s not the way the teacher says it, don’t try to persuade them differently, simply say, “I guess you can ask your teacher tomorrow.” You’ll be surprised how quickly they will let you help. Homework is a great way to learn lifestyles like time management and problem solving. Let’s all resolve to LET our children learn these important skills by “backing off” on the help and allowing them to “do it themselves.” After all, that’s what any great coach does.

Hugs, Chrys


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