Pipe Cleaner Bouquet of Love

Life has a way of changing our plans, doesn’t it? We can scheme, plan, map-out, prepare, devise, design and plot our future with great detail and attention, but we’re just one sickness, injury, or decision away from our prefect plan being sidelined.
Last week was one such week for me. It may have been for you as well. If so, I would love to hear about it. My week was supposed to end in Las Vegas enjoying some quality time with my husband and being with my daughter, Korie, as she and her in-law family participated in their industries trade show. I was really looking forward to this event as the past twelve years I have had the privilege of staying home with the youngins’ while Korie and her husband attended. THIS YEAR my husband has joined their company, so we were invited to attend. It was also a big deal as my daughter’s husband was to be the MC at the event’s awards show on Thursday evening.
I had already decided to stay home the first of the week to help with the kids at least part of the time, but then I would fly out on Wednesday and join the fun. The first sign that my plans might not come to life came early in the week when Bella, the youngest, starting running fever on Sunday afternoon. Fever was followed by a sore throat and vomiting–neither good signs—but, no problem, I thought, by Wednesday, she should be well. But then, the second blow: John Luke, the oldest, came down with similar symptoms on Monday. I was beginning to see my chances for flying out on Wednesday as good as my chances at a poker table, which, by the way, I have never done. BUT, I was still hopeful. After $250.00 in doctor visits and medicine, I thought I would just move my ticket to Wednesday evening, giving them a little more time to correct the situation (like they had any control either).
I packed my suitcase with cute, Las Vegas-type, clothes (okay, not show girl Vegas, just cute Vegas). I got on the phone with American Airlines and rebooked my ticket. I re-wrote the kid’s schedules for my younger sister who was going to take over. Then, I waited for the fever to go down. But, as much as I wanted it to happen, it was not to be. SO, I got back on the phone with American Airlines. I unpacked my suitcase. THEN, I re-wrote MY plans for the week.
And what a great week I had. Canceling the trip allowed me to spend some quality time with my grandchildren. I know, I’m lucky, they live next door. But, trust me; we’re so busy that quality time slips away like make-up on a hot day in Louisiana. Since John Luke had missed so much school, he needed, for real, needed me to help him with his homework. This is very rare since he’s fifteen now. But, we had the best time, laughing our way through graphing and proportions. John Luke and Sadie had their sports banquet that we all were going to miss. Since I was now home, I was able to see our sweet young teens interact with their friends and coaches and be honored for their football and cheerleading accomplishments. John Luke also had his first EVER baseball game and Sadie had basketball games I was able to attend. Will, the nine year old, stayed well all week so I helped him study for his tests and was able to see how much he’s matured over the past year. And poor Bella, who stayed sick until Friday, kept me hopping with cards, movies, lemonade, games and eventually, homework (work always interferes with our fun, doesn’t it?).
Well, it wasn’t Vegas, it was better! I’ll share with you one more reward. One night John Luke and Bella stayed home while I went to Sadie’s game. After returning home, I hustled around checking everyone’s homework, cleaning the kitchen, passing out medicine, and getting backpacks and clothes ready for the next day. Finally, the kids were settled and I went to my bathroom to wash my face. And there on my counter was the most beautiful flower arrangement made out of red, green, and gold pipe cleaners and lots of love. John Luke and Bella had spent all evening crafting me a bouquet and writing me notes thanking me for taking care of them. I can honestly tell you that bouquet was well worth staying home for. I just thought I wanted to go to Las Vegas!
This was just one more reminder that always God has my back. Just when we think we have the best plan for our life, God might say, “I know the plans I have for you…” Remember that verse in Jeremiah. If you don’t, it’s Jeremiah 29:11. Look it up. You will see that God loves you and as long as you seek His will be done, not your own, He will plan your life, promising that you will prosper and have a future. It may not be something you see immediately, but ultimately, if we trust God and His power to “write our story” we will receive a bouquet out of pipe cleaners and love from our heavenly Father. His note will read, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” What a great day that will be!
Have a fantastic week knowing God is writing your story.
Hugs, Chrys
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  1. Love this! Thanks so much for all you do for us, and for your example of a Godly woman who loves God and her family with all her heart. Sorry you didn’t get to come to Vegas, but so grateful to know that my kids were with their 2-mama while I was away. I love you and and am thankful for you every day!!

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