Put the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving

Have you seen the cute commercials running right now advertising Disneyworld? The Disney marketing team has apparently found actual video footage from families who have told their children they are taking them to Disneyworld. I just love it! The kids are at first stunned and stare in disbelief, then they question the parents again, then they start jumping up and down on the couch screaming with excitement. So adorable!

When was the last time you got so excited about something happening in your life that you jumped up and down on a couch? I’m sure it’s been quite a while. Even if you had an event that evoked that level of excitement, as adults, we rarely express it that way; right?

Well, we have an event coming up that you should be “jump up and down on the couch” excited about and that is Thanksgiving. “Oh…is that all?” you ask. IS THAT ALL! It’s just the one day our entire country sets aside time to be THANKFUL. That’s all! Now, think about it. We have a holiday that’s only purpose is to exercise our vocal cords with two little words, “Thank You.”

In one of the original Thanksgiving documents it reads “All ye Pilgrims with your wives and little ones gather at the Meeting House, on the hill… there to listen to the pastor, and render Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for all His blessings.”

So simple. So sweet. You mean there was no mention of school being dismissed, booking your airline flights, stocking up on Stouffer’s Stuffing Mix, making plans for Black Friday, looking up the recipe for pecan pie, designing a cute centerpiece made with little pilgrims and corn stalks, watching two or three football games, assembling a 1000 piece puzzle, gobbling up sweet potato casserole, catching the latest movies, snapping pictures at the school program, and settling in for the Macy’s Day parade??? I can almost hear one of our forefathers saying, “I just meant for everyone to be thankful. That’s all. Ye have taken Thanksgiving to another level!”

Yes, YE have! Somewhere down the line, apparently some people got “jump up and down” excited and started adding more and more “things” to our list as a way of celebrating Thanksgiving–all good and fun things, for sure. BUT the one most important thing may have slipped off the list—saying thank you and being thankful.

I love school programs and the Macy’s day parade as much as you do, if not more, but we have to go back to our roots on this one and put the “thanks” back in Thanksgiving. Let’s all be sure we include time in our celebrating to let our children EXPRESS their thankfulness to God for the blessings in their life.

Colossians 3:15 says it so well,”Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” It really IS that simple.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. Give God the glory!



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