Re-Solutions for a Better Life

Well, the New Year is in full swing, isn’t it? The weather, which goes from 70 degrees to below freezing all in the same week, assures us that a new year has begun, in Louisiana anyway. If the weather doesn’t alert you that a new year has begun, perhaps it’s those innate desires to lose weight, quit biting your fingernails, stop drinking so many cokes, or read your Bibles more. Do any of those sound familiar? I hope they do. Not in the “I’ve made resolutions before and I have a hard time keeping them” way, but in the “Yes, it’s time for me to take stock of myself once again” way.

Like any good business, it is important for each of us to take a hard look at ourselves at least once a year. My grandkids are always telling me something one of their teachers might do during a day at school. They know their mannerisms, their expressions, their clothes! As a former teacher, it scares me how much children pay attention to their teachers and not always in a good way! My point here is others will take a good look at YOU so YOU and I have to take a good look at ourselves also.

And it probably should be more often, but the beginning of a new year makes for a good time to start. It’s February, so some of us (that’s includes me) are already struggling with those “resolutions”? Let’s break down that word and it might help us. The dictionary says a resolution is a definite decision; a solution. I really like that word—a solution.

Stores take inventory once a year to see where they are lacking; what area they need to reinforce; to stock up on. Then they take care of the problem area—they find solutions. Anytime we decide to take an inventory of our lives it should be for one reason; to see what areas we need to change and then, take the appropriate actions to make those changes.

Don’t ever be discouraged because you started a resolution and couldn’t keep it. Life has a way of interfering with the best of plans. As busy moms, our goals are often put on the back burner as we nurse sick kids or help them with homework or attend their many functions. But don’t give up. Just do it again-re-commit to your re-solution! The first step is always an honest look at our life; our family, our friends, our personal and work habits, etc. Once we’ve done that, we can list ways to correct the things that need correcting or maybe, just need, enriching.

I love this quote by Grenville Kleiser, “Make your resolutions so clear and firm that nothing can lure you from your chosen path. Substitute doing for dreaming and achievement for apathy.” With that quote, plus God’s promise that you can do all things with His backing, you will find keeping your New Year’s Re-solutions much easier.

Now, go for it. Have a great week and find a solution!




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