Summer Fun!

Wow! I’m seriously WAY behind on blogging and am determined to correct that!

In the last several months, our family has had crazy things happening partially due to the success of Duck Dynasty but we seem to have a crazy life anyway.

 In case you don’t know, our oldest daughter Korie is one of the stars of DD. We are sooooo grateful that God has opened this door for the Robertson family and pray daily that

HE uses the show as HE sees best.

So far that has meant public appearances, TV appearances, helping raise money for all kinds of great causes, invitations to special dinners and on and on.

BUT, on top of all that, we try to live as normal a life as we can which means ball games, camps, church events, family birthdays, etc.

As the “mom” or “2-mama” as my grandkids call me, I stay busy helping everyone in any area they need. One of the things I finished just as summer arrived was helping Miss Kay write her cookbook. If you know me well, you know cooking is not my “thing” so writing a cookbook might seem a stretch for me, but it really wasn’t because all I did was write what Kay cooked, so no problem.

It was such fun working on this project with her, but, trust me when I tell you, we were

happy, happy, happy when it was DONE!!

Now we wait to see it in print in October.

So, the very first thing we do when summer actually arrives is go to the beach. The Robertsons and Howards have been going together for several years now and it’s always a lot of fun. Here’s the “line the cousins up by height” Howard/Shackelford side of the family picture we always get. The wind was CRAZY wild that day so we gave up on a “so gorgeous hang it on your fireplace” pic and went straight to the fun ones. Aren’t they a cute bunch of cousins????

The next thing we do every the summer is CAMP CH-YO-CA! We all love it and are involved in one way or another. I met Johnny and Korie met Willie at camp so you know it’s got to be good!!!

 All the kids love meeting new friends and learning more about God. We love that too!

This year we had a few more kids because of the DD fame, but we know God had a hand in bringing every child to camp, even if they thought it was to meet a Robertson. We had over 750 kids this summer. WHEW! We were busy and HOT and sweaty and LOVING IT!!

I love these ladies!! They work so hard to make sure camp is the BEST for all the kiddos. Thank you LinDee, Arlene, Karen, Missy and Tammy. Not pictured is our fearless leader, David Bromley, who is the gentle spirit keeping us all on track, plunging potties, putting chemicals in the pool, fixing a broken light, and anything else needed to make it all happen. He’s a giant among men of God!!


so while camp was clicking along, we had a few other fun events. we went to CMA fest in Nashville where it was revealed that Duck the Halls Christmas Album is being released.

Talk about C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Who would have thought??? Well, of course, Missy is a beautiful singer, but still —a Christmas album!!! But it’s true, they have all been in the studio and it’s happening. So fun!!

Then  we had Sadie’s Red Neck Red Carpet 16th Birthday Party!!

That Girl!! We love her so much!! She’s grown up to be the sweetest, kindest, funniest, dimpled-face cutie ever!!

And her momma, who I love and adore, pulled out all the stops and threw her a party like none we’ve seen in these parts!!

Here we are hanging out in front of the turquoise truck.

 Yes, I want one too, just like everyone else at the party.

 But this one belongs to our country star and good friend, Chancie Neal. (She also entertained later in the night along with Scotty McCreery. Did I mention this party of over the TOP!! Scotty, his mom, his aunt and his friends were the best! We loved having them for the entire weekend!)

Back to the truck. It sure did make a great backdrop for photos. I won’t tell you all the details of the party because this blog would be a book if I did. But I will send you to (they’ve written the book) because they do a fabulous job with all the details.

 The Junk Gypsies are the coolest folks ever!!! And created the best party ever!!! Please go check them out. You won’t believe it!!

Next on our summer agenda was another party—we wanted to celebrate our incredible camp staff. We had approximately 80 folks at the house that Saturday night, including our special guests, Mr. and Mrs. Mac’s Fresh Market. Their real last name is McDaniel, but they own Mac’s Fresh Market and they are super special to camp. They have blessed us with food each week of camp and

we LOVE them!!

Here’s one of our cabins with their counselors (gee, funny that I picked John Luke’s cabin) and you can see how great they are! Seriously, to pull off such an amazing thing as camp it takes a lot of amazing people.

We had 22 college students, approximately 30 high school students, two nurses, 5 or 6 kitchen staffers, 6 lifeguards, 1 full time maintenance man, 12 or so bible teachers, 4 or 5 craft ladies, and a partridge in a pear tree!

In other words, it takes an army of God’s people dedicated to the cause and determined to work together for the good of each camper to make each summer super terrific.

And speaking of camp. Well….camp would not even be if it were not for Alton and Jean Howard. Over 47 years ago, these two God-honoring people (and my in-laws) decided young people needed a place, in the woods, away from the noise, to seek God in a deeper way and gain relationships for eternity.

So Camp Ch-Yo-Ca was born. And it has done just that–camp has given countless young people a refuge from the noise of the world and a place to turn their eyes up to God.

Papaw Howard went home to meet his loving savior in 2006 and our sweet Mamaw joined him on June 18th. We miss her but know she is so happy to see her husband of 57 years and sit at feet of Jesus. There are no words “grand” enough to thank people like Alton and Jean. But, then again, they wanted no thanks–just seeing young people serving God was thanks enough.


Camp is officially over BUT not quite yet. Because this week we are honored to have the Daraja Children’s Choir from Uganda staying at camp and performing Wednesday night at our church–White’s Ferry Rd Church. They are so adorable!!

I went out to meet them and was greeted with a song and lots of hugs and beautiful huge smiles!

talk about making any day brighter!!

Here’s a picture I took of the boys cooking in the campfire pit. Even though we have ovens at camp they wanted to cook like they do in Uganda. So cute!!!!


Don’t you love the smiles.

Well, that’s about it for the month of June. I could tell you a little about John Luke’s wreck, but we’ll let “he and all the boys with him were okay” and “praise the Lord” be enough on that topic.

Oh, yeah, we had Macy, Ally, and Maddox (the grands who live in Huntsville) for most of the month with us. They are growing up so fast and, like all our other grands, are PRECIOUS!!

Here I am with all our middle school grandkids–all at camp at the same time. I loved seeing them all together learning more about God and making new friends.


Now, that’s it for now. Seriously…

Hugs to all!


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