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I am thrilled that you have found our website and that you have an interest in this ministry. Since you are here, it’s safe to say, you’re probably a mom—GO YOU!  Yep, it’s a tough job, but you are doing it!

I say being a mom requires the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon, or least I think I say that or maybe I read it somewhere. In any case, it’s true! Being a mom takes energy and effort beyond our wildest dreams, but it’s not an impossible task. Take heart—you are NOT alone. Thousands of moms have gone before you and thousands are still serving in this incredible army of committed “mom soldiers.” We all have our fatigues on and are ready to stand together on the front lines. (Shhhh… don’t tell the folks at What Not to Wear about us wearing our fatigues. Before you know it, we’d all be in front of the three way mirror getting scrutinized!)

What I’m trying to say is we’re just here to help. To join forces and give you a few new tools for your mom tool box, so to speak, and to let you know that God loves you and sends you His sweet blessings each day. We know your goal is to send those little munchkins who are tugging on your pant legs off into the world as capable, self-sufficient adults—wow–won’t that be a glorious day!

Be sure to check out everything our site offers. Jenny Remsberg is my “partner in crime” in this ministry and she and I try to blog as often as we can and leave all our hints and tips from each of our radio shows with you. Just look under the tabs by those names. You might also want to stop off at our “Rockin’Recipes” site where Jenny keeps us all updated on the latest and greatest recipes. Every now and then I’ll share one of mine, but trust me, they’re nothing to write home about.

All in all, we’re just mom like you are—working hard every day to keep all our plates spinning and honoring through the ups and downs of life. Come back and see us often.


Chrys Howard-Founder

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